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Pipeline heater


Many semiconductor device manufacturing processes are performed under a vacuum environment. While modern semiconductor manufacturing processes use more reactive precursors to lower the reaction temperature, reduce the thermal budget, and achieve high quality films, byproduct generation has created serious issues for process management. The recent adoption of atomic layer deposition has made the effluent management even more challenging due to unreacted precursors that are sent to vacuum foreline directly. This leads to significant problems such as shortened pump life, valve malfunction, pressure gauge drift, poor system control, and high particles; these in turn reduce tool productivity due to frequent tool preventive maintenance and low process yield.

We provide technical consulting services on semiconductor manufaturing processes. Specifically, we focus on helping the customer:

- Identify the source of problematic processes

- Optimize vacuum systems to ensure efficient system performance

- Design solutions for optimal effluent management

- Develop critical components to address effluent-related complications

Power Source: Electric

Voltage: 12-220V

Power : ≤ 2W/cm2

Material: silicone rubber with etching film

Vacuum foreline heater or gasline heater always co-works with temperature controllers. We provide many choices to make accurate heating control and troubleshooting.






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