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Stainless Steel Thick Film Heater

Thick film conduction heaters are manufactured with high precision equipment to produce 2-D designs (circular, rectangular) in an unlimited combination of power and voltages.
These low-profile heaters are ideal in applications where space is limited and/or temperature uniformity and fast response is a must.

Solar Panels
Food Industry:
- High-end coffee machines;
- Electric heating kettle;
- Electric rice cooker.
- High-power discharge resistors;
- Seal bars;
- Annealing stations.

Maximum operating temperature:
550ºC (1022ºF)

Power densities:
Up to 11.6 W/cm² (75 W/in²)

Voltage range:
Up to 240 V depending on the heater size

Heater dimensions:
Min. Length, 57 mm (2.25 in.)
Max. Length, 610 mm (24 in.)
Other dimensions might be possible

Resistance tolerances, ±10% (available ±2%);

Ideal for vacuum and atmospheric applications




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