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Flexible Polyester Heater

Polyester heaters can be specially designed and manufactured to meet your own applications.

This kind flexible heating elements consists of a layer of heating element sandwiched between two layers of PET sheets. The insulation material makes it heated safely.

The flat surface also makes it could evenly heat and cover large areas to heat.

Hotlong polyester film heating elements have a maximum surface temperature of 100°.

For lower quantity needed, polyester heaters are an economical choice.


Insulation Material

Polyester (PET)


0.2mm - 2mm

Max Size

W: 500mm

Operating Temperature Range

≤ 100

Power Density

≤ 0.3W/cm2

Sheet Resistance


Insulation Resistance

1000V, ≥100MΩ

Withstand Voltage


Polyester flexible heaters are suitable for low temperature heating.

Main applications as follows:

Bathroom defogging mirror;

Car rearview mirror;

Heating gloves;

Pet heating mat;

Incubator box;







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